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The A1 application

Social security app is an easy and efficient way of tracking and tracing business travels as well as streamlining the compliance process of filling out A1 applications.

It is a legal requirement that all business travelers have an approved A1 social security application with them from their country of social security, for all business travels lasting more than 24 hours.

The A1 application is needed for travels in all EU/EEA countries and it needs to be accurate.

The app works as an online track and trace app with geo location and option to automatically file the A1 certificates.

The Social security app is a super simple, flexible and agile tool for HR to secure compliance for  employees in a world with increasing demands.  

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Why do I have to use Social Security App?

Your employer has decided to apply the use of this tool to secure compliance for the mutual benefit of you and your employer and stream line the administrative process.  Our app is a tool which eases the process of filling out the A1 certificates and makes errors less frequent when applied properly.

Location Detection

Social security app works with GPS-tracking on mobile devices, and thereby knows the employee’s whereabouts during business travels. Location detection will help keep track of travel activity and ensure compliance for both the company and the employee.


Keep track of your travel activity by plotting in all future planned trips. By doing this a better overview is provided as well as informing you of your allowance in the various countries.