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The A1 application

It is a legal requirement that all business travellers have an approved A1 social security application with them on all business travels. The A1 certificate is an approval from the authorities that the employee has the right to remain under social security while being at work in another EU country. 

The A1 application is needed for travels in all European countries and it needs to be accurate.

The application can be done either by the company or by the employee. It can be a comprehensive task, which is not always easily understood by the employees. In Sweden or Denmark, the process time takes from 20 min to 60 min per application once the employee has understood the requirements.

All employees travelling need to bring the A1 application on business travels. Also, the not frequent travelers who tend to fly more easily under the radar. Employees not in control of or handling the A1 application process oppose a risk to the company with possible heavy fines and non compliant status for the company. In Denmark employees can also risk to loose the right to unemployment benefits if they travel for their employer without an A1 certificate, and thus cannot prove social security coverage in Denmark for 12 months. 

Further, the employees can risk to loose their rights for unemployment benefits, child maternity leave etc. if they cannot document social security coverage 12 months back in time.

Although the A1 application form has the same name all over Europe, the different European countries have different needs for data and different processes for filing the A1 application. 

Social Security App makes it really easy for both employee and the company, and automatic filing of the A1 application is reducing the handling time to seconds. 

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Why do I have to use Social Security App?

Your employer has decided to apply the use of this tool to secure compliance for the mutual benefit of you and your employer. The focus is to make you safe when traveling, avoid fines and become compliant. The digital tool further streamline the administrative process saving much time for both you, and your employer.  Social Security App is a tool which eases the process of filling out the A1 certificates a protects personal data. You have full control of your travel data, and only confirmed business travels are stored. 


Location Detection

Social security app works with GEO location tracking on mobile devices. It uses the country code and reacts when an employee is crossing the boarder during business travels. Social Security App can see if the employee has entered Germany, but it does not track nor store if the employee are in Berlin, in Hamburg og in Köln. 

Location detection will help keep track of travel activity and ensure compliance for both the company and the employee in a safe and compliant way.


Keep track of your travel activity by plotting in all future planned trips. By doing this a better overview is provided as well as informing you of your allowance in the various countries.