The app works as an online track and trace app...

Social security app is an easy and efficient way of tracking and tracing business travels as well as streamlining the compliance process of filling out A1 applications.

It is a legal requirement that all business travelers have an approved A1 social security application with them from their country of social security, for all business travels lasting more than 24 hours.

The A1 application is needed for travels in all EU/EEA countries and it needs to be accurate.

The app works as an online track and trace app with geo location and option to automatically file the A1 certificates.

The Social security app is a super simple, flexible and agile tool for HR to secure compliance for  employees in a world with increasing demands.  

Employees will only be involved in the process, when they have to confirm a work related travel and they will not need to e.g. log-on with their NemID to file an A1 application, thus saving time and supporting compliance.

Handling time can be reduced to 30 sec. per allocation compared to the 15-30 minutes it would normally take to file manually.

Your company will be fully compliant and in line with both current compliance demands but also in advance with the requirements for tax and immigration purposes as you will have a full overview of the physical presence of your traveling employees when at work.

If A1 applications are not properly handled, you as the employer risk fines (France as example claims 3,600 EURO per business traveler) as well as waste of time and efforts – and probably expenses –  to rectify the formalities.

Onboarding the app is either done by administrator or done by self-service onboarding, where employees enter their own data.

The app will utilize the location feature of the device to automatically detect, when the user enters a foreign country and proactively prompt the user to log this information, if it is work-related.

The app enables to set a forecast of future planned business trips, providing an overview and calculations of time spent the various locations to secure timely application in advance The App can also be used to detect if certain limits for travel activity in a country have been exceeded, resulting in a warning as a means to initiate action.

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