Relocare Social Security App

What is Social Security?

All individuals are covered by social security in one country – this will normally be the home country. When travelling to other EU or EEA countries for work purposes, it must be determined from which country the individual may be entitled to receive social security coverage.

Due to the free labour work force rights in the EU/EEA an employee will automatically be under social security in the EU/EEA country they are visiting for work purpose – also for a two hour business trip. Hence, if you for instance visit Sweden you will be under Swedish social security from the moment you set foot on Swedish soil. To avoid  the costs related to Swedish social security, you will need to apply for an A1 to remain under the social security of your country. 

 The status will need to be documented by means of form A1 issued from the Authorities in your country.

Why is any action necessary?

Within the EU/EES and Switzerland it is a legal requirement that all business travelers have an approved A1 social security application with them from their country of social security for all business travels – even those only lasting one hour.

What is Social Security App?

Relocare’s Social Security App is an online track and trace app with geo location and an option to automatically initiate and facilitate filing of A1 applications at the Authority. 

Why do I have to use Social Security App?

Your employer has decided to apply the use of this tool to secure compliance for the mutual benefit of you and your employer and stream line the administrative process.  Social Security App makes the business travel safe for you, and it enables your company to be compliant and keep track of all the business travels.  

How does it work – what will I have to do?

Initially, you will need to ensure, that the personal information is accurate and up to date. Then you should try to estimate the expected travels for the future, stating country and duration. Upon travel outside your home country, you will be automatically prompted to confirm whether the stay is for business.

Do I need to access and up-date every day?

Social Security App will up-date automatically, so you simply must make sure that you fill in the required information. Social Security App will also prompt on your screen when entering a new country and require information. You may be able to correct information afterwards.

Can I change personal or travel information afterwards?

Yes, you will be able to correct and add information about travels in the system afterwards to ensure that the available information at any time is fully accurate and reliable, should mistakes or fall-outs occur. 

Can I enter information before I travel?

Yes, there is a forecast tab where you can enter information for all your planned trips in future under the heading “prognose/forecast”. This will be a useful information to provide annually for frequent travelers in order to apply for a full 12 months period beforehand.

Which information will be necessary for me to apply to the App?

All basic personal information, such as name, address, social security number and professional information job tittle etc. incl. assessment of the duration of work assignments abroad. Furthermore, a copy of the employment contract will have to be up-loaded together with a Power of Attorney.

How do I apply/change my information?

Changes to your information can be applied for directly in the app. 

Which information will be added automatically to the App?

No information will be automatically added to the app. The app will notify you, when you enter a new country, prompting you to confirm if it is a business trip. Please do note, that as no changes are made automatically, you will be responsible for up-dating any changes regarding e.g. your personal information, name, position etc.

Will the App track and store information about my presence 24/7?

You will be tracked when your phone is turned on and you have given the App permission for geo-location. Your information will be stored securely, and only used to complete the required a1 applications.  

Can I turn off the tracking?

You can turn of the permission for location tracking. We do not, however, recommend this, since one of the main reasons for the Social Security App is tracking and reminding you of your business travels in order for your employer to meet compliance requirements and potential fines, expenses and practical issues.

Who will have access to my information?

The administrator will have direct access in order to initiate and process the A1 application. Your employer may – depending on the services required – have access to overall information about your travel pattern, identified by your name and countries only. 

Will authorities have access to information in the App?

Authorities will not have access. Only individuals relevant for the application process will have access to it. 

What will the information be used for?

All information will be collected and processed only for the purpose of meeting compliance re. social security during work related travel as outlined in the description.

Will I have any responsibility for the outcome of the use of the information?

The collection of information and processing will be the sole responsibility of the service provider. You will, however, be responsible for the value of the up-loaded information and, consequently, it will be your responsibility if any such not correct information results in erroneous outcome or administrative turmoil. 

What are the consequences if information in the App is not correct?

Any missing, inconsistent or not correct information will either result in issue of erroneous certificate or make application impossible. This will mean non-compliance and extra time and expense consumption for rectification. 

Will or can my employer use the information for other purposes than Social Security monitoring?

The app cannot use the information for any other purpose than described regarding monitoring and application for A1 certificate. Your employer may gain overall information about your travel pattern – depending on the services required from the provider.

What happens to the information after I quit use of the App/end my employment?

Once you disconnect – or the service contract with your employer is terminated – no further collection or processing of information will be done. Basically, the information will be locked and deleted according to GDPR regulations. 

Am I able to fill out the forms by myself? 
Will it be able to track my movements if I do not have access to the internet?

You will have the possibility to correct and enter information afterwards, should the on-line prompting not be possible due to e.g. internet issues.

How long does a power of attorney last? Does it need to be renewed? 
What should I do if I spend days off abroad in connection with business trip?
Will I need to sign the application?