How to enter your master data

We use the master data information to be able to form an application for Social Security in relation to the countries in which you as an employee have travel activity.

  1. Basic information
    • Here you enter your information about address, telephone, CPR, country and email. 

    • To save the information, click Save

  2. Job
    • Here you enter your title, position and information about your average working day and working week. All fields must be entered.

    • You can, if necessary, put up your employment contract by clicking on the link “Click here to sign up for a new contract” This will cause the Social Security system to keep a copy of your employment contract.

    • To save the information, click save

  3. Dimensions
    • Dimensions are optional and can be used as an additional filtering on employees, this is typically decided within the individual company.

    • To save the information, click save.