How a travel estimate works

Basically, a travel estimate is an estimate that for a 12-month period shows your expected travel activities. The travel estimate and your master data are used to form an application and social security on behalf of you as an employee. The process is that you as an employee create and maintain your estimate and send it for approval, from where the managing resource in the company can approve / reject / apply for social security.

The following describes the basics of an estimate, see the image below:

  1. There is a list of your travel estimates where the current status is indicated.
  2. Indication of the 12-month period of your travel estimate. 
  3. Button for creating new estimates.
  4. As an employee, you must send your estimate for approval. (You can only have one valid and approved A1 application with you on your trip)
  5. An expected travel activity in an estimate consists of the following:
    • Country: The country you expect travel activity within the 12 months. As we only make applications within the EU, only countries within the EU can be selected
    • Estimate:The number of days you expect to stay in that country within the 12 months.
    • Used days: Number of registered travel days registered within the 12 months and country in question.
    • Remaining days: (Estimate – Used), indicates how many remaining days you are covered in relation to the estimate you have made held up against your registered travel days. 
    • Expected travel activity menu
      • Info: Here you have the opportunity to see travel dates for the travel activities you have registered and which are listed as used. This is done by clicking on the information icon of the expected travel activity in question.
      • Edit: Here you have the option to edit the expected travel activity, change country or estimated number of travel days. This is done by clicking on the edit icon of that expected travel activity.
      • Delete: Here you have the option to delete an expected travel activity. This is done by clicking on the delete icon of that expected travel activity.