Status on estimate

An estimate can have one of the following statuses, here is a description of the individual statuses

  • Draft
    The start phase of an estimate always has the status of a draft. This means that the estimate in question has not been set for approval. If an estimate is changed, the status as a starting point will always be set to status as a draft.
  • Awaiting approval 
    When an estimate with the status draft is set for approval and the estimate does not exceed any limit values, then it will change status to awaiting approval. This means that the administrative resource will receive an email with information that there is a travel estimate ready for approval. It is also possible for the managing resource to see which travel estimates are up for approval.
  • Awaiting senior approval
    Same principle as awaiting approval status, but this status means an estimate. set for approval exceeds one or more of the following limit values.
    • Lots of travel activity: If you exceed 74%
    • Lots of travel activity in a single country: 24% in a single country.
  • Approved no application required
  • Approved pending application: Approved by the approver or senior approver, as the travel estimate is in this status, it will be possible for the company’s administrative resource to make an A1 application based on the relevant travel estimate and your master data.
  • Estimation exceedance
    If your registered travel activities (used) exceed the estimated / expected travel days in a country, then your travel estimate will have the status estimate exceeded. This may be an indication that you are not social security in that country. Mark the excess expected travel activity with a red color indicating that you are above estimate here.
  • mceclip3.png
  • Rejected 
  • A1 Process  
  • A1 Sent to authorities 
  • A1 Approved by authorities
  • A1 Rejected by authorities