General terms and conditions

Relocare Social Security App

Preamble – about Social Security App

Social Security App has been initiated, created and driven by Relocare Taxation International ApS (“Relocare”) to

  • assist individuals and companies
  • create overview and 
  • meet legal and practical requirements for social security in connection with cross-border activities.

Social Security App is a part of the wide range of services provided by Relocare in connection with relocation, immigration, mobility and tax. Please do refer to our homepage for further information.

These general terms and conditions will be an integral part of the Agreement between Relocare and the Client as outlined in the Agreement regarding purchase of access to and use of Social Security App

Social Security App is a registered in Denmark and any disputes are to be settled according to Danish legislation and under Danish jurisdiction at the Court of Lyngby.

Service description/use of the app.

Social Security App creates overview of social security cover and obligations in connection with individuals’ cross border work related activities. The information is collected by automatic tracking of physical presence combined with personal information up-loaded and controlled by the Individual. 

The combined information will form basis for an automized reporting process in order to meet compliance for employee and employer regarding social security. This process will secure an easy and fast solution for the employer and safeguard both parties against uncertainties in cover and obligations. 

A full description of the existing functions, access, use and responsibilities of Social Security App will be available at the home page and will be up-dated on continuous basis. The current description will be valid and will prevail over other information, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

User rights

The Client is granted a non-exclusive right to access and use the facilities, related documents and documentation in Social Security App under the provisions of and as stated in the Agreement and in this document. These rights will only comprise the Client and Individuals as defined in the Agreement and cannot without written consent be transferred to or used by other legal entities, affiliates, individuals or the like.

The Client and Individuals will upon download and use of Social Security App accept the terms and conditions as these are described in the Agreement and in this document. Furthermore, upon download and use of the App, the Client accepts to renounce any right of cancellation of the purchase. Termination or amendment of the purchase will be subject to the provisions of this document and the Agreement.

Legal rights

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, Relocare owns copyright and all IP-rights to the app and all material on websites and in the App. 

No IP-rights regarding the App or the connected material, documents and documentations are transferred to the Client in connection with the Clients access to and use of the App.

Relocare with any co-operator and sub-supplier will have the right to use material and data up-loaded by the Client and the Individuals to the extend necessary to deliver the agreed services and drive and develop the App and connected web-sites. 

Such data may also be used by Relocare for marketing and educational purposes, however, only in a form where personal information will be anonymized and cannot be used to identify Client or Individual, unless specifically agreed upon.

Data security

All personal information up-loaded by the Client and Individuals will be handled under the responsibility of Relocare. The purpose of the handling will be to deliver the services as described in the Agreement.

All information will be stored and handled in accordance with the national Danish data protection rules as well as the European Parliament amt council Regulation (EU) 2016/279 (“GDPR”).

Relocare will only exchange information between parties and authorities to the extend this will be necessary and a part of the services agreed with the Client.

All information will be available in the system for the duration of the Agreement between Relocare and the Client. Upon termination of the Agreement any data regarding the Client and Individuals will be deleted from the system and will no longer be available.

Personal information

The Client will have access to all information collected and stored in the App for the individuals comprised by the service agreement with Social Security App in the form of reports as described in the agreement. The Client will not have access to change any personal information uploaded by the Individual. 

Information about location of the Individual will only be stored in the App upon accept from the Individual.

The Individual will have access to all personal information and will have the exclusive right and responsibility to up-date and correct personal information. The Individual alone will be responsible for value of the personal information entered into the system incl. up-date as necessary.

Entry and saving of information about location of the Individual will only happen upon active accept by the Individual.

Relocare will have access to all information for the purpose of assisting the Client and the individuals in accordance with the Agreement. Relocare will not change or otherwise process the information available, unless technical issues may require action in order to deliver reports and services under the Agreement.

Relocare will have no responsibility for the validity of the information in the system provided by the Client and Individuals at entry or during the service period. This will be the sole responsibility of the Client and Individuals, respectively.


Should the Client and/or the Individual users experience or be notified of any errors, malfunctions or insufficiencies in the use of the system, compared to the described services in the Agreement, Relocare will – upon notification – take action to repair/redeem the issue.


Use of Social Security App is fully the Client’s and the Individuals’ own responsibility. Relocare cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect obstacles or loss that may occur in connection with access to or use of the app. 

Relocare also has no responsibility for problems or loss that may occur due to circumstance outside of Relocare’s control, such as power shortage, internet deficiencies, hardware issues or other forms of force majeure. The Client will be responsible for availability of and access to own IT solutions to support the exchange of data.

Relocare will have no responsibility for the validity of the information filled into the system by the Client and/or Individuals. This also comprises the processing and use of such by the Client, Individuals or 3rd parties, incl. authorities.

Change of conditions

Relocare is entitled to change the conditions as stated in this document at the company’s own discretion. Changes will be valid with one month’s notice. The client will be notified of any changes, just as the applicable Terms and Conditions always will be available on Relocare’s web page ( 


Any dispute between Relocare and the Client will be settled at a Danish court under Danish legislation at the Court of Lyngby.