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How to create a travel estimate

To create a travel estimate

  1. Go to ‘Estimates’ at the top
  2. Click the ‘+’ sign to the right

The countries you can choose represent countries within the EU / EEA and are the countries that can be included in a Social Security A1 application.

  1. Select the country for which you are planning a travel activity
  2. Enter the days you plan to stay in the country
  3. Click ‘Create’

Your registration of expected travel activity has now been created for that travel estimate.

Edit expected travel activity / estimate

You select the travel estimate that you want to work with, and from there you typically select the travel activity you want to change, for example, add a trip by pressing Add a trip.

How to deactivate notifications

To activate or deactivate notifications through email, head to the settings section

Once this is done, head to the notifications part of the page, and either disable or enable this functionality, depending on your liking

How to choose color themes

To change color themes, head to the settings section

Once on the settings page, head to the color theme sections, and simply click on the different images of color layouts. Once you’ve found one to your liking, simply head to another page. Everything is saved specifically, and automatically, for you, each time you lastly picked one.

How to choose a language

To change language, head to the settings section

Once on the settings page, head to the language section. Here you can simply click on the flag of the language you would like the page to translate to, and thus everything will be changed. This setting is saved automatically for you.

How to enter a signature

Some of the A1 applications require a signature for the applicant, especially in Sweden, and this is done by taking a picture of your signature and uploading it to the Social Security apps system. This is done as follows.

  1. Take a blank piece of paper and enter your signature.
  2. Take a good and clear picture of the signature.
  3. Go into Social Security select My Data

Once at ‘My data’, scroll down to the Signature section and here click on ‘upload document’

  1. Select the Signature document in your file system
  2. Click on ‘open’ (Make sure its in .pdf format)

Remember so click on ‘save’ at the bottom of the page

How to enter your power of attorney and statement of consent

Social Security needs a power of attorney and a declaration of consent to be able to form social security applications on your behalf. You download and specify this as follows.

Downloading the Power of Attorney template

As part of the Social Security apps starter kit, you can download a template and this is done by clicking on Download template, this results in downloading a document that you need to fill out. The template is also included below as a fail safe.

Uploading your Power of Attorney document

The completed document can be uploaded to Social Security by clicking on Upload document, where you select the document you have signed.

How to enter your master data

We use the master data information to be able to form an application for Social Security in relation to the countries in which you as an employee have travel activity. All master data can be found & edited from the ‘My Data’ section at the top

This page is split into 5 different sections, including:

Personal information

Here you enter your information about your full name, social security number & nationality.

Contact information

Here you enter your contact information, including address, telephone, working country, email etc.

Job information

Here you enter your title, position and information about your average working day and working week. All fields must be entered.


Here you can download & upload various documents required for Social Security App to work at full efficiency. This includes the documentation of Power of Attorney at the moment.


Dimensions are optional and can be used as an additional filtering on employees, this is typically decided within the individual company. Be aware that this sections is not within the main page, but a ‘sub page’, which can be directed to from just below the top bar.

How to register a trip

You can register a trip by in the following 3 ways:

Quick add

Firstly select ‘Quick add’ from the top bar

  1. Select a country within the EU / EEA in which you have travel activity.
  2. Select the day the travel starts.
  3. Select the day the travel ends.
  4. When you click Confirm, the system will record your days as actual travel days

Travel calendar

You have the opportunity to go into the calendar function and from there register a travel day, the calendar also gives an overview of the travel days you have had. Go to the top bar and select ‘Travels’.

From here, click the ‘+’ sign to add a new travel.

  1. Select a country within the EU / EEA in which you have travel activity
  2. Select the travel dates, when it’s starting and when it’s ending.
  3. Click on ‘Create’ and your travel has now been saved within our system.


  • Quick notification

This is not a business trip

Note: this functionality is for the mobile application only.

How to log in as an employee on your mobile

When you need to log in to the Social Security app, you will typically do the following:

  1. The first time you need to log in and register as a user of the Social Security App, you use your computer and follow the link you have been given for the Social Security App portal.
  2. Going forward, i.e. After registering on the computer and downloading the Social Security App to your phone (either in Google Play or the Apple Store), you can launch your mobile app and enter your username and password.
  3. You should also be aware that your phone must be set up to allow location service in order for you to receive notifications during your travels. On the iPhone, for example, location service must be set to “Always” to work in the app.
  4. The Social Security app has always turned on two factor authentication, which means you have to enter a password that you will receive after clicking on login.
  5. Enter the code you received in the mail and click Verify.

Note: You can always use your email as your username and click Forgot Password if you do not remember your code. You can always have a new verification code sent to your email.

Login failed

There can be several reasons why you experience login errors:

  • Username. Incorrect combination of username and password. Try entering your information again. You can always use your email address when registering for the Social Security app as a username. This will typically be your business email.
  • Password. Incorrect combination of username and password. Try entering your information again. If you do not remember your password, click on You forgot password? to receive a new one by e-mail. Please note that it will take a few minutes before you receive the email.
  • Forgot password does not work. If you do not receive a new password when you press the forgotten password, we recommend that you look in your mail folders, which can be called “Rod”, “Junk Email”, “SPAM” or “Junk mail”. There may be a delay in receiving mails to these directories as some mail providers hold them back for up to 24 hours.

How to start using Social Security App

The link sent to you, is specific to your company and the employees working in the company. Please click on it and create your profile using your full name, email, social security number and a self-chosen password. 

Please do not worry about personal data and safety. The homepage is safety protected and signing up using your social security number is needed as we file the social security cover request at the Authority.

You must now log-in and we use two-factor authentication for your safety.

Next step: Please go to My Data. 

You need to enter your full name and Social Security Number because the application for A1 is sent to the Ministry Department.

Further we need to have your contact information as this is also a demand from the Authorities

The Social Security App is helping you to do all the counting. Therefore, we will please need to have your work hours and days. 

The Authorities also need your job title and employment date, so please fill this in as well. 

In some countries it is mandatory to file an A1 application with the work contract. Your company will inform you, if it is needed to upload your work contract. However, please do not worry. You and the Authorities are the only ones who can see and download your work contract. Not even Relocare nor your HR department can download the work contract you upload. Further, the work contract is not visible in the App for safety reasons.

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Please do not forget to click save.


Next, please go to Estimates to create your travel forecast for the next few months. 

Your company have predefined the Social Security Year

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You can now click on the 

Please use your imagination and select the countries you foresee to travel to for the next 12 months in the EU/EEA. We recommend that you include the countries in the EU/EEA where your company has filial or customer presence as a standard. There is no harm if you choose countries, you do not end up traveling to.

You must now send the Estimate to Approval. Now your HR or administrator will file an A1 to the Authority to make your travel safe. 

When you get your A1 document it will be sent directly to you by the Authority, and you can then choose to upload the document in the App and you will have all you need to travel safely at work.

The status in the App must now be changed to 

Corona passport

We have made a “shelf” for you in the App. Your company nor Relocare can access and see the Corona Passport if you upload it to the App. It is simply an electronic shelf we have made for you, to make it easy for you to have all you need in the App for your  travel. You do not need to use it, but you are welcome to do so.

Traveling and use

When you travel for work, the Social Security App will react when you cross the border. Social Security App uses the Geo Location in the App, but only in circles. It knows that you are socially secure in one country because we onboard you using your company business number, so while you are in your country, it will not react or store your location at all. 

When you travel it reacts, but we cannot see your exact location. We can only see your location if you confirm that you are in Germany, but we cannot see if you for instance are in Hamburg, München, or Berlin. 


If you are traveling for pleasure, you just confirm that the travel is not a business trip and the travel will not be stored anywhere and the App will close down

If you travel to a country where you do not have social security coverage – if you for instance are traveling to a country you have not applied for and forgotten about it, the Social Security App will help you to be safe at the travel. 

You will get a warning that you do not have social security coverage, and you can hurry up, and send an Estimate to your HR or Admin who can file an A1 for you. You might risk a fine for entering a country without a valid A1, but the risks is reduced if you hurry up and file the travel estimate immediately. 

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When traveling to for instance France on a Business trip where you have an approved A1, the App will now help you to count your travel days as you must have enough days at your disposal. 

When you enter France, you confirm Business travel. If you know your departure date, please add it. If you do not, the App will help you again the next day. 

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You can always change or add travels in Trips. 

In Trips you can also see all the travels you have had per month

You can always get a full overview about the total amount of travel days for business you have had with the Social Security App, and your HR or Admin will be able to help you be safe during your travel in Europe/EEA countries.

How to enable Geo location feature for Android phone

After you have downloaded the Social Security app from Play Store, login with your email and password, follow the steps below to enable Geo location feature on your Android phone:

  1. Give the Social Security App “Use your location” permission by clicking “Accept”.

Next, click on “while using the app” and “Allow all the time”. It is important to make sure switch on “Allow all the time” in order to allow Social Security App to function properly when you travel and cross boarders.

2. Switch off “Battery Optimization “to be able to receive location notifications. This is a very important step, as you cannot receive Geo location notifications if you switch on “Battery optimization “for social Security App.  To do this, click on “Preference” in the lower right corner of the App. Next, scroll up and click on “ Turn Battery Optimization OFF” button, find Social Security App and TURN OFF battery optimization, go back to the app and you will see the text “ Your battery is not optimized for Social Security App” turns to green,  this is a confirmation that you have done it correctly.

3.Depends on your Android phone type, you should also be aware and check your phone’s Notification settings, make sure you switch on your “lock screen notifications” to show notifications on your phone.

Now your Social Security App Geo location feature is enabled, you will receive notifications when you travel abroad.